Sample Collection and Transportation Case

Safely transporting and organizing different samples and containers

  • Usable inside Cool Box
  • Autoclavable
  • Two strong latches locks
  • Three different internal removable kits

Sample Collection and Transportation case is a simple but efficient instrument which can be vastly used for different purposes. This case has three different internal kits which are removable and interchangeable and each one has different design and number of wells. It can also be used in Cool Box for temperature-sensitive samples. Both the case and the internal kits are autoclavable and resistant to common laboratory chemicals and acids. This case is available in different colors which facilitates classifying the samples. Because of the two strong latches, if one of them opens accidentally, the other one will keep the lid locked and the samples will remain safe.

Technical Specifications Table
Product Code GS1 Code ModelWell Diameter (mm) Description
1201196260807501023with General Kit Ø10mm(2wells)
Transporting bandage equipments, mobile sampling equipment, etc.
1201186260807501030with Container Kit Ø20mm(5wells)
Transporting specimen containers, faeces containers, test tubes, etc.
120120 6260807501047 with Tube kit Ø13mm(29wells)
Transporting CBC tubes,vacutainer tubes, test tubes, etc.
120122 6260807501580 without kit Transporting sampling, check -up or any other equipment
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