About PIT

Pole Ideal Tajhiz Co. (P.I.T.) is a specialized knowledge base company manufacturing medical and laboratory devices, based on the latest standards. This company was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Pole Ideal Pars Co. that has been able to play an important role in meeting the needs of medical, laboratory, research, and educational centers during the recent years. P.I.T’s main perspective has always been concentrating on improving laboratory procedures by developing modern equipment and providing easier, more confident, and less expensive solutions. In this regard, continuous investments have been made for accessing state-of-the-art technologies domestically and reduce the need for imports. Pole Ideal Tajhiz R&D team always tries to promote the existing technologies proportional to different requirements of different areas through feasibility studies, evaluating production potential, and keeping the connection with users in health, research, and industrial sectors. The standards of quality management system (ISO 9001) and quality management systems of medical devices (ISO 13485) indicate quality control for all stages of production- from designing and providing raw material to manufacturing, delivery and customer’s services Being entitled a “Knowledge Base” by the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology indicates the commitment of this company to utilize the latest technologies.

The company is also proud of CE certificate from the European Union (for centrifuges).