Fix Vein Tourniquet

Fast blood sampling and preventing vein from rolling

  • With curvature for not blocking the vein
  • Latex free, smooth and washable
  • High quality and durable

One of the problems bothering healthcare workers in process of infusion and venipuncture is rolling veins, especially in the elderly and children. The special design of P.I.P. Fix Vein Tourniquet prevents vein rolling and immobilizing the vein for certain puncture and cannulation. Because of the curvature in the buckle’s structure, this tourniquet does not block the vein. Therefore, the coagulation system will not be activated, so it will not have a considerable effect on coagulation tests and the sampling area, which is tied, will have the minimum acidosis.

The buckle of Fix Vein Tourniquet is made from ABS and POM. This tourniquet can be opened single-handedly with easy-release mechanism. The strap is latex free, smooth and washable, which does not wrinkle the skin or pinch.

Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeStrip Length (mm)Strip Width (mm)
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