About PIP

Pole Ideal Pars (P.I.P.) is a knowledge-based manufacturing company, providing products that are designed to solve problems, promote innovation, and improve productivity, thanks to the expertise, endeavor, commitment, and almost 40 years of experience. As we produce the medical and laboratory consumables and disposables, our sister company, Pole Ideal Tajhiz (P.I.T.), is the manufacturer of laboratory devices, both ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. We take pride in our products quality while focusing on ways to continuously better serve our target markets. We benefit from skilled and dedicated employees with great passion who played a significant role in research and development of new products, strict quality control and improving customer satisfaction, reliability, and safety. By developing a systematic structure, we provide our customers and end-users with products of the highest quality, in compliance with all applicable standards. To us, quality is the priority.