Safe Transportation of samples via air, sea, and land

  • Safe transportation of samples via air, sea and land
  • Sturdy structure, withstanding 1.5 atm suitable for air transport
  • Made from polypropylene and fully autoclavable
Transporting different types of specimens is so common in diagnosis and treatment. These samples get transferred from one laboratory, hospital ward, or clinic to others. This will be carried out via air, sea, rail or land, considering the distance and the type of specimen. For handling samples and transporting them, it is crucial to maintain their integrity and quality and prevent them from leakage. Containers used for transporting samples play an important role in keeping samples intact and preventing them from soiling environment, so that in different countries, there are rules and directives legislated about transporting samples.
In this regard, Pole Ideal Pars Co. (P.I.P) has designed and manufactured 1.5 Lit. Biojar container. Biojar can be used for transporting different types of laboratory and medical specimens, test tubes, pathology samples, and other substances. These samples should be delivered absolutely intact and unchanged, so the required container should have special features. Sturdy structure, strong body, and withstanding 1.5atm makes Biojar and its contents resistant to the changes in atmospheric pressure so that air transport will also be possible. The body is fortified, the closure is internally threaded, it has an EPDM O-ring and gets sealed properly, so that during the transport process samples remain unharmed and under no circumstances the contents leak out. Besides, Biojar has a lug to seal the container by a tamper-evident seal. There are specimen holders designed for Biojar to hold different laboratory tubes, so that user can choose holders proportional to the requirements. On the one hand, the built-in torque handle on the lid facilitates transporting the Biojar and on the other, makes it easy to open and close the lid. In addition, Biojar can be transported inside a Cool Box containing dry ice while handling thermosensitive samples (DRY ICE MUST NOT BE PACKED INSIDE THE BIOJAR!).
Biojar is made from polypropylene which is fully autoclavable. Apart from transporting samples and common substances, Biojar can be used for dangerous goods, such as infectious specimens.

This container is suitable for the following substances under IATA (International Air Transport Association) Packing Instructions:

  • Flammable Liquids (Class 3)
  • Flammable Solids (Class 4)
  • Oxidizing Agents (Class 5)
  • Peroxides (Class 5)
  • Toxics (Class 6.1)
  • Infectious Substances (Class 6.2)
  • Some Radioactives (Class 7)
  • Most Corrosives (Class 8)Biojar Inner Holders


Specifications Table
Product Code GS1 Code ModelCapacity (L) Total Weight (g) Inner Height (mm) Dimension (DiameterxHeight)
120153 6260807501764 Without inner holder1.5 300 155190 mm x Ø148 mm
1201526260807503492With 8 inner holders1.5 300 155190 mm x Ø148 mm
Technical Specifications Table
Product Code GS1 Code ModelWell Diameter (mm)No. of WellTubes and Containers
120154 6260807501719 GeneralØ28
Ø7.5-28 mm Tubes,0.2-0.8ml Microtubes
120155626080750170249-WellØ7.549Microtubes and Tubes up to Ø8 mm
120156626080750174025-WellØ122512×100 Tubes,Round Bottom Tube, 1.5-2ml Microtubes, Tubes up to Ø12 mm
120157626080750169620-WellØ1520CBC Tube, 15ml Conical Tubes, Tubes up to Ø15 mm
120158626080750168922-WellØ16 2216×100 Tubes, CBC Tube, 15ml Conical Tubes, Tubes up to Ø16 mm
120159626080750173313-WellØ2013Tubes up to Ø20 mm
1201606260807501757 7-WellØ28750ml Conical Tubes, Tubes up to Ø28 mm
1201616260807501726 7-WellØ347Sampling Containers and Tubes up to Ø34 mm
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