Pathology Sample Transport Container

Safe Transportation of samples via air, sea, and land

  • Safe transportation of samples via air,sea and land
  • Resistant to the changes of the atmospheric pressure
  • Autoclavable, Freezable and resistant to common laboratory acids and chemicals

P.I.P. Pathology Sample Transport Container is the ideal equipment for transporting samples to long distances. Samples can be placed in this container within or without tubes. Because of its structure, atmospheric pressure does not influence the contents and can also be put in the plane’s cargo. This container can be used in land and sea transport as well. It has a screw-top lid and the EPDM O-ring inside the lid prevents leakage. This container is made from polypropylene and is very rigid. These containers are autoclavable, freezable, and resistant to common laboratory acids and chemicals. Their dimensions allow user to place them inside Cool Box or different fridges while handling thermo sensitive samples.

Specifications Table
Product CodGS1 CodeModelDiameter x Height (mm)Capacity (ml)
1201106260807501122Without inner holdersØ 65 × 145380
1201746260807503485With 5 inner holdersØ 65 × 145380
Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeModelWell Diameter (mm)Well Tubes
120179626080750204415-WellØ 7.5 15 0.2-0.8 ml Microtubes, Tubes and Microtubes Up to Ø8mm
120178 62608075020378-WellØ 12812 x 100 Tubes, Round Bottom Tubes, 1.5-2 ml Microtubes,Tubes Up to Ø12mm
12017762608075020515-WellØ 16516×100 Tubes, CBC Tubes, 15ml Conical Tubes, Tubes and Microtubes Up to Ø16mm
12017662608075020684-WellØ 204Tubes Up to Ø20mm
12017562608075020753-WellØ 28
Ø 15
15,50ml Conical Tubes, CBC Tubes, Tubes Up to Ø15,28mm
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