Microplate Shaker

Blending and combining a wide range of fluids inside microplates

  • Noiseless rotation system
  • Possibility of connecting to computer
  • Balanced while running, due to the low center of gravity

Microplate Shaker PIT3.0 is designed for general and specialized applications. This device is a basic equipment in all medical, petroleum, food analysis, educational, and chemical laboratories. This shaker makes it possible to blend and combine a wide range of liquids inside microplates which meets the requirements of many related tests.

  • Rotation speed from 80 to 1100 rpm
  • With 6 sections on the tray for microlplates
  • Ergonomic and beautiful design
  • Noiseless rotation system
  • Digital display
  • Safety of the sensitive parts against possible pouring of the fluids being tested
  • Balanced while running, due to the low center of gravity
  • Possibility of connecting to computer
Technical Specifications Table
Product Cod GS1 Code Dimensions
PIT3.0 6265738001017 420 × 360 × 105
Technical Data
Motion type Orbital
Motion range of tray 3mm
Number of microplates on the tray (speed function) 6
Input / Output power 10 – 45W
Voltage 210 – 230VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Max. running time unlimited
Speed range 80-1100 rpm
Speed display Digital
Timer 0 – 99:59’ / ∞
Timer display Digital
Function type Time limited or unlimited time
Ambient permissible temperature 5 – 50°C
Max. permissible relative humidity 80%
Weight 9kg
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