Plastic Rinsing Jar

Washing laboratory and medical equipment safely

  • Made from polypropylene
  • Resistant to most of the common laboratory acids and chemicals

It is crucial and necessary to wash and cleanse laboratory, medical, and surgical equipment after use, since partial cleaning and leaving residues can affect the patient’s test results which probably lead to irreparable effects on the treatment process. It is strongly recommended that the equipment should be immediately washed in jars containing water or detergents to be rinsed in due time. P.I.P.

Plastic Rinsing Jars are available in 4 different sizes, suitable for washing equipment with different lengths. They are made from polypropylene which are resistant to most of the common laboratory acids and chemicals. The wide base of these jars give them great stability. * In order to facilitate and speed up the rinsing process, using several jars at the same time is recommended for filling them with water, distilled water, acidic solutions, and detergents.

Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeModelDepthDimensions (Height×Diameter)Application
1204426260807502723S230Ø128mm × 265mmWashing surgical instrumets (Forceps, clamp, etc.)
1204436260807502730M385Ø128mm × 420mmWashing pipettes, thermometers,etc
1204446260807502747L535Ø128mm × 570mmWashing pipettes, burettes, etc.
1204456260807502754XL705Ø128mm × 740mmWashing burettes
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