Sanitary Mask

Protecting against pollution and oral secretions

  • Protection against pollution and oral secretions
  • Cover for mouth and nose
  • Washable

There are so many diseases and infections that can be transmitted through oral secretions which can be prevented by using protective masks. These masks both prevent user’s oral secretions from being scattered in the air and the airborne particles from entering user’s mouth and respiratory tract. P.I.P. Sanitary Mask has many advantages over conventional masks. It will not limit user’s breathing and speaking, does not disarrange user’s makeup, and is washable. Seeing user’s face when wearing the mask and the ease of wearing it with normal eyeglasses at the same time are some other positive points about this product.

Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeMaterialDimensionsQty./Pack
1201006260807500941ABS-PPFilm Height : 63
Film Length : 115
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