First Aid Kit

Providing first aid requirements

  • Latch lock
  • Internal dividers facilitate classification
  • Semitransparent polypropylene body

Regarding the growing number of accidents that lead to injury and burns, it is even more necessary to have first aid kits available in any place. P.I.P. First Aid Kit can be used at home, office, school, workshop, gym, inside vehicles, etc. It is made from semitransparent polypropylene which is available in three sizes with different colors. Considering the size and capacity, each model can be used to meet a wide range of needs and with different internal arrangements, separate kits with specified applications such as burns, cuts, poisoning, asphyxia, sting, bleeding, hypothermia, eye care etc. In order to facilitate classifying instruments inside the kit, there are internal dividers for medium and large models. The lid has two latches in order to prevent unwanted opening of the lid.

Technical Specifications Table
Product Code GS1 Code modelDimension (mm) Qty./Pack
1200746260807500378 S (Small) 95 × 30 × 125 6
1200756260807500385 M (Medium) 206 × 49 × 205 2
1200766260807500392 L (Large) 270 × 102 × 290 1
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