Hematology Roller Mixer PITR6B

Mixing and keeping the laboratory suspensions uniform

  • Washable protective tray
  • Simultaneous rotational and vertical motion
  • 6 rollers

P.I.P. Roller Mixer has 6 rollers for mixing blood specimens, high viscosity samples, suspensions, etc. One of the functional properties of this device is its simultaneous rotational and vertical motion of the rollers. The roller dimensions and the distances between them make the instrument usable with different tubes and cylindrical bottles. A washable protective tray is designed under the rollers in order for easy cleaning in case of sample spillage. P.I.P. Roller Mixer is resistant to most of the common laboratory acids and chemicals.

Technical Specifications Table
Product Code GS1 Code Dimensions
PITR6B 6265738000492500 × 250 × 110
Technical Data
parameter value/description
Vertical motion range ~ 20 mm
Roller dimensions (diameter x lenght) ∅32mm × 320mm
Rotation speed 60 rpm
Voltage 210-230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Max. Power 20 W
Weight6,600 g
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