Automatic Pipette/Burette Rinsing Set (Plastic)

Washing pipettes and burettes quickly and safely

  • Made from polypropylene
  • Ideal for washing pipettes and burettes quickly

P.I.P. Automatic Pipette/Burette Rinsing Set is made from polypropylene and it is ideal for washing pipettes and burettes quickly. This device consists of 3 main parts: pipette/burette washer, pipette jar, and pipette basket. The nozzle is situated on the top rim and this eliminates back-syphoning as the water inlet is located above and away from any contaminated water. Once water reaches the syphon point at the top of the device, it will totally syphon out via the drain pipe situated at lowest point. Then it refills automatically. The pipette basket is specially designed to keep pipettes/burettes steady and minimize the risk of breakage while replacing them during rinsing process. The pipette jar is used for soaking pipettes/burettes in water or cleaning solutions to improve the washing process. The Automatic Pipette/Burette Rinsing Set is resistant to most of the common laboratory acids and chemicals.

* Since soaking pipettes/burettes takes a long time, it is recommended to provide more jars and baskets to speed up washing, so that more pipettes/burettes are being prepared in jars while a basket is inside the pipette/burette washer.

Technical Specification
Product CodeGS1 CodeModelDimensions (mm)
1203036260807502198Burette Rinsing SetDiameter: Ø170
Height: 990
1203046260807502204Pipette Rinsing SetDiameter: Ø170
Height: 734
1203056260807502143Long jarDiameter: Ø162
Height: 650
1203066260807502150Medium jarDiameter: Ø162
Height: 503
1203076260807502167Short jarDiameter: Ø125
Height: 250
1203086260807502181BasketDiameter: Ø145
Basket Height: 300
Total height: 497
1203096260807502174Basket with long handle Diameter: Ø145
Basket Height: 300
Total height: 648
1203106260807502136Extension handle for basketLength: 300
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