Sitz Bath

Easing pain, speeding up healing, relieving dry perineal skin

  • Ideal for easing pain, treating diseases and comforting patients
  • Lightweight, durable and hygienic
  • Fits all standard toilets and mobile toilets

Generally, some of medical conditions such as postpartum period and episiotomy, surgical procedures such as hemorrhoidectomy, and diseases like anal fissure, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, anal abscess, rectal prolapse, genital sores and vaginal infections cause severe pain and discomfort in perineum for which local hydrotherapy can be very helpful in relieving pain and speeding up healing. Unfortunately, despite the fact that these conditions and diseases are common among men and women of different ages, unavailability of appropriate tools for treatment has resulted in many problems for patients which often make these people suffer unbearable pain.

P.I.P. Sitz Bath is applicable to a wide range of people and it can be used to ease the pain, speed up healing, cleanse the perineum, relieve muscle spasm, and make patients feel comfortable. Since Sitz Bath can be placed on standard and mobile toilets, also the elderly, people with muscle cramps and all the people who have mobility limitations can simply use it. Sitz Bath can be hot or cold, it may be filled just with water, yet some people prefer to include some additives in water such as Betadine, baking soda, vinegar etc., in order to reduce infection. However, it is best to consult with the doctor first. It is available in different colors.

  • Ideal for easing pain, treating diseases and comforting patients
  •  Lightweight, durable, hygienic, easy to wash
  •  Speeds up healing after delivery, episiotomy, and hemorrhoidectomy
  •  Fits all standard toilets
  •  Recommended to patients with conditions in perineum and pelvis such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, prostatitis, anal abscess, rectal prolapse, genital sores, vaginal infections etc.
Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeMaterialInner Dimensions (mm)Outer Dimensions (mm)
1204336260807501597PP270 × 255 × 90370 × 365 × 130
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