Serology Cavity Spot Plate

Studying and processing samples under a microscope

  • Made from a transparent polymer
  • Resistant to most of the common laboratory acids and chemicals
  • Suitable for different serological tests

Cavity spot plates are usually used for agglutination, flocculation, and precipitation tests. P.I.P. Cavity Spot Plates are made from a transparent polymer, resistant to most of the common laboratory acids and chemicals, with circular cavities. These plates are suitable for different serological tests. They are also ideal for observing sedimentation reactions, temporary storage of small amounts of samples or solutions and also combining samples and stains. These plates are available in two models of 10 and 12-cavity. The 12-cavity model has alphanumeric grid for easy retrieval.

Technical Specifications Table
Product Code GS1 Code Model Dimensions (mm) Cavity Dimension (Diameter × Depth) Qty./ Pack
120072 6260807500590 10 well 110 × 55 × 5 Ø17mm × 3mm30
120073626080750060612 well 117 × 85 × 3.5 Ø20mm × 2mm30
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