Sample Collection Set (Funnel + Container)

Ease of collecting saliva, sputum, sperm and...

  • Ease of sample collection, transportation and processing
  • Curved edge for ease of use
  • Made of polypropylene (PP)
  • Suitable for use in the laboratory, clinic or home
  • Suitable for collecting samples for pharmacogenomic tests, PCR, SNP genotyping, next generation sequencing and…

P.I.P sample collection funnel is a suitable device for collecting saliva, sputum, sperm, etc. samples. This product can be connected to different types of pipes and can be autoclaved. The P.I.P. funnel not only allows the user to pour the sample into the tube easily and without spreading contamination, but also by eliminating the steps of pipetting and transferring the sample from the bottle and other wide-mouthed containers to the tube, it allows easy processing of the sample in It is at the discretion of the laboratory staff. The sample collection set includes a bag with the BIOHAZARD logo, which is used to safely transport the sample to the laboratory. This bag helps prevent contamination of the environment and the user.

Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeFunnel SizeModel
1203586260807503850SmallWith 16x100 mm tube
1203596260807503867SmallWith 16x54 mm tube
1203496260807503843SmallWith a 5ml conical tube
1203536260807503775SmallWith a 5ml amber conical tube
1203506260807503836SmallWith a 15ml conical tube
1203546260807503805SmallWith a 15ml amber conical tube
1203516260807503799LargWith a 25ml conical tube
1203556260807503812LargWith a 25ml amber conical tube
1203526260807503768LargWith a 50ml conical tube
1203566260807503829LargWith a 50ml amber conical tube
1203576260807503782Largwith a sampling tube with a spoon
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