Pipette and Thermometer Stand

Holding different glass pipettes and thermometers

  • Made from polypropylene
  • Resistant to most of the common laboratory acids and chemicals
  • Saving space by collapsing and reconnecting parts
  • Available in two models of 25-well and 50-well

P.I.P. Pipette and Thermometer Stand is steady, autoclavable, made from polypropylene, and resistant to most of the common laboratory acids and chemicals. It is available in two models of 25 and 50-well. The 25-well model has wells with 8mm diameter, which is appropriate for 0.1 to 3 ml glass pipettes and 1 to 8 ml volumetric pipettes. Besides, all glass thermometers that have diameters less than 8 mm can be placed in this model. The 50-well model has wells with 16mm diameter, which is appropriate for 5 to 25 ml glass pipettes and 7 to 50 ml volumetric pipettes. Both models can be collapsed and reconnected for saving space.

Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeModelWell Diameter (mm)Appropriate PipetteAppropriate Volumetric PipetteDimensions (mm)
120111626080750126925-wellØ80.1 – 3ml1 – 8ml145 × 137 × 255
120112626080750127650-wellØ165 – 25ml7 – 50ml210 × 137 × 255
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