Labeled Wash Bottle with Integral Cap

Transferring certain liquid volumes and rinsing laboratory equipment

  • Made from LDPE
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Ideal for transferring liquids up to 75 C
  • Color coding for different liquids

P.I.P. Labeled Wash Bottles with Integral Cap are available for 4 different liquids (distilled water, isopropanol, ethanol, and methanol) with capacities of 500 and 1000 ml. Color-coded closures and labels enhance rapid identification. Labels contain solvents chemical name, formula, CAS reference number, GHS pictograms and fire hazard signs according to NFPA codes. Therefore, labeling the wash bottles or writing the name of their contents on them will not be needed and as a result, there will be no concerns about the writings being wiped off the wash bottles. P.I.P. Labeled Wash Bottle is made from LDPE and is ideal for transferring liquids up to 75°C. Their one-piece molded cap and nozzle makes them leak-proof and eliminates the possibility of contamination and dripping. These wash bottles have PP screw cap with ribbed external surface in order to facilitate opening and closing the closure. The PE internal tube easily fits the closure and remains fixed. Also these wash bottles are freezable and resistant to most common laboratory chemicals and acids.

  •  Without leakage and dripping
  •  Color coding for different liquids
  •  Flexible and resilient
  •  Appropriate opening diameter
Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeCapacity (ml)Diameter×Height (mm)Opening Diameter (mm)Cap ColorLiquid
1201506260807501658500Ø75 × 235Ø42WhiteDistilled Water
12015162608075016721000Ø94 × 275Ø42WhiteDistilled Water
1201506260807501658500Ø75 × 235Ø42OrangeEthanol
12015162608075016721000Ø94 × 275Ø42OrangeEthanol
1201506260807501658500Ø75 × 235Ø42GreenMethanol
12015162608075016721000Ø94 × 275Ø42GreenMethanol
1201506260807501658500Ø75 × 235Ø42BlueIsopropanol
12015162608075016721000Ø94 × 275Ø42BlueIsopropanol
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