Daily-Weekly Pill Reminder

Storing and carrying pills during a week

  • Weekly classification of pills using the 7 compartments
  • Compartments with separate lids for morning, noon, evening, bedtime
  • Bottons to facilitate the removal of each seven compartments from the main body
  • Marked with braille

P.I.P. Daily – Weekly Pill Reminder is a simple, lightweight, and easily applicable product by which the user can organize the pills and take them on time, since it has 7 individual sections for seven days of the week, each of which has 4 compartments. This Pill Reminder is suitable for those who need to take a number of pills and capsules during the day or are apt to forget and also for carers.

Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeDimensions (mm)Qty./Pack
1202576260807502808210 × 125 × 251
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