Bellows Pasteur Pipette

Handling and transferring liquids, with careful control and ease of use

  • Heat sealable tip, providing a non-toxic, inert sample container
  • Made from LDPE inert and chemically unreactive
  • Sterilizable by Ethylene Oxide and Gamma irradiation

P.I.P. Bellows Pasteur Pipettes are available in 2 capacities and 6 different sizes to meet laboratory needs. These pipettes with integrated bellows and stems provide easy control during liquid handling and have reliable performance. These pipettes are made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene) which is inert and chemically unreactive to most of common acids and biological liquids.

They have low-affinity surface which reduces cell, protein and sample loss. P.I.P. Bellows Pasteur Pipettes can be sterilized by Ethylene Oxide and Gamma irradiation. These pipettes can also be used as freezing vials, and their tips are heat sealable, providing a non-toxic, inert sample container.

They are ideal for all laboratory procedures such as drawing and dispensing viscous liquids, sampling and decanting infectious or toxic liquids, transferring supernatant, adding reagents/chemicals and extracting samples.

Technical Specifications Table
Product CodeGS1 CodeCapacity(ml)Length(mm)Bulb Diameter(mm)Qty./Pack
1201656260807501801≈5.5 176Ø24400
1201666260807501832≈5.5 196Ø24400
1201676260807501825≈5.5 216Ø24400
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